Monday, November 27, 2006

B.K. 25 Days Later

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By Missy Elliott
Lose Control
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I was on a plane from Ecuador to the United States.
I had gone everywhere and done everything that I had hoped to do, and then some.
I knew how to hold my own in Spanish, being able to get more information than just the location of the bathroom.
I had made children happy.
I had made grown men smile.
I had made cuban women laugh.
I didn't have to miss my mother and sister anymore.
I didn't get upset about getting change in pennies and nickles on the bus.
I had gotten a little tanner.
I fully appreciated having a blue passport that entitled me to go anywhere in the world.
I was grateful that I was not born into slavery, poverty, or malnourishment.
I stopped turning into rice.
I said good bye to some of the greatest people I had ever known in my life.
I was still happy.
I planned on coming back.