Thursday, December 14, 2006

B.K. Might as well be walking on the sun

Might as well be walking on the sun

That was the first thing to pop into my head in lieu of having this crazy sunburn that circles around the back of my neck and onto my chest. If I wasn't fairly tan at this point, it would never bother me, but it feels like my entire neck-head was placed on my body as a mask. But that's ok! Because I can fix it with even more time at the beach this weekend!

This week has been non-stop presentations and tests, and oh boy am I excited for it to be over. I have been in a fetted love with my theatre class of actuacion all semester but then I feel a little bit...unprepared for the show that we'll be presenting tonight? At 7:30 there will be a montage of 6-12 plays that will happen in accordance with the will of God, none of which have a connection to any other one, and none of have a scene change that is accomplished in less than 3 minutes. Not that I'm bitter or peeved, I just have never been in any sort of production that has been so...haphazard. Of course there is never a production that has ever been ready on the opening night of a show, but then I've always had a sense of anticipation to the oncoming hour of the curtain being drawn. Tonight I just want to go home and sleep. Tomorrow my other theatre class of voz y movimiento will be presenting an abstract piece incorporating our own dreams (spoken in haphaphappy spanish!), song, rasabox techniques (which were made in India, COOL), and dressing/undressing; all in the main hall of the school! Now that will be a capstone to such a long week.

Tomorrow afternoon, 32 of us gringolandians head off to Papallacta, a man-made series of holes in the ground which make it easy for shmoes like me to sit down and get the energy sapped out of them by thermal springs. Oh how torturous life is!

Lastly, it has been on and off for me the past two weeks whether I have wanted to come home or not, but then here comes the break down:

-I finally learned how to speak spanish comfortably, even if I'm not perfect, I'm better than crappy.
-I know I'm going to lose my abilities in Spanish over time, which is something not to be confused with awesome.
-I am going to miss people, lots of people, Ecuadorians, North Americans, and especially some Switzerlandians.
-I'm honestly kind of scared about reacculturation.
-I am relatively poor now. I am relatively happy.
-What does someone do on breaks from school anyway?
-Living in an apartment again when I get back to school, kind of missing out on that community thing.
-Class. Class is going to be something hard again.

But then these are all the negative things. Certainly, I will love seeing friends and family again, but then how easy will it be to get out what I've been accumulating inside me over the past 5 months; when I came back from Albania I was told that stories will eventually end with people having a glazed look in their eyes, finally coming back into reality with the presentation of the line "and so I hope to go back someday."

There's a lot to wrestle through with the landing of my plane back in Florida and I will definitely not be comfortable, but I look forward to the adventure of coming home. Someday it might just not affect me.