Tuesday, July 10, 2007

B.K. My own worst enemy

My day in short:
-My coworker and I re-established a friendship that was previously lost through non-verbal acts of service today, the tension between him and I revolved around me being in the weeds and discourteous last week.
-I continued to struggle with the desire to have more money when I know I don't need it.
-I figured out what it means to be personally injured by someone else.

My day in detail:
So work today was awful slow. I don't mean to hyperbolize here but I could have painted a 13 room house in my spare time, especially the last two hours of it when I was used to perform community service in side work. This was even more frustrating in lieu of the fact that last week was the restaraunts outright busiest week of the summer, not just at Flo's but apparently every restaraunt in Murrell's Inlet...a downer because of all of the business lost due to circumstance. But lets look at some positive things from the course of the previous six hours. For starters, a coworker of mine named Jay and I had previously come upon bad terms with eachother when I had rubbed him the wrong way last Sunday while I was in the weeds for an hour and a half; at the end of the night he made sure to constructively criticize my demeanor and it left me feeling anxious to come back to work. Tonight though he was more than willing to lend me a helping hand with carrying food to my tables and suffering in the plight of vaccuming with me. He really is a great guy and has a good heart, he just doesn't want people to do stupid things - which is exactly what I did a week ago :)

As for what remained of the night, I made a solid $60, which for some people reading this factors out to a very solid income for just 6 hours of work. I myself look at the hourly ratio and know that it still proves to be the greatest income I have ever had. However, today I found myself putting a price on my tables, looking at the customers and saying to myself "ah crap, they're only going to tip me 10%," and I also noticed myself being jealous of other waiters who were getting the really big tables and then I recall myself being angry at the hostesses for not being more equality-oriented with the distribution of customers.
Allow me to put something out on the table right here and now.
-I sincerely do not need the money. I have been given a full education at a college of my choice and will never have to pay a dime in debt.
-I have all the time in the world to make money, if it really mattered to me I know I could get another job, maybe even a second job!
-Being a missionary starts now, which means that I know I should be more conscientious of putting other people above myself, being joyful when others make 25% tips and not feel like I'm getting the crap end of the night and continuously doing things to bring smiles to my customers regardless of the stereotypes I can place on them. In fact, labeling people should not exist for me and I should act in a selfless manner while interacting with others!

There's something else, selfishness, the feeling that I am not getting what I deserve and should be compensated increasingly more for my time. I am sure that every job has its faults and every group of workers will always have something else to dream for, be it purpose or most likely greater income. The hard part is being mature enough to say "ok, this is good enough for me" and not giving in to the idea of wanting more. The hallmark of a good person is how selfless they are. How earnestly can I approach being a good person?

For me personal injury is when I am not given something that I feel entitled to. This can be anything from gas money on a long trip with a friend, to free time being denied by the lazyness of a roommate who fails to wash their dishes, to even a good night kiss from my girlfriend. Of course there are varying ranges of injury that go along with these trespasses but what I have trouble figuring out is whether or not they're really injuries or just me being selfish. It makes me think a lot about that whole dying to one's self each day thing that Paul talks about.