Sunday, June 14, 2009

OEM Retreat

So after an hour and a half bus ride to Jesus Town, Korea we were kerplunked on the side of a mountain. Really. The church was build into the mountain itself. Walking into the main lobby is quickly met by a slanted wall of rock. Awesome.

Lots of volunteering, lots of great conversations that lasted into the morning. Good sleep, but not enough sleep. The invitation to teach Sunday school for 4th graders and becoming the transitional coordinator during church services this summer.

The pastor that was invited for the retreat was even better, he stood in front of the lot of us and gave invigorating messages on three occasions. The greatest thing that I took from it all was the grounding message of loving Jesus.

Don't be a good Christian. Don't be a great Christian. Just love Jesus. Don't be better than anybody else. Just love Jesus.

Jesus walks up to Peter and John and says "pick up a stone and follow me up this mountain."
Peter, being cunning, picks up a small stone so that he won't be exhausted. John picks up a regular sized rock. They hike up the mountain for hours and when they reach the top they're both starving. "Awww Jesus we're so hungry!"
Jesus turns to them and then changes their rocks into bread. Peter, having the smaller rock, looks at John eat the rest of his bread with yearning.

The next day Jesus walks up to Peter and John again and says "pick up a stone and follow me up this mountain."
Peter, not to be outdone picks up the biggest rock, more like a boulder, that he can find. John picks up a regular sized rock again. They hike up the mountain, Peter lugging his slab with grunts and strains. When they reach the top of the mountain Jesus turns to them and says "throw your stone back down the mountain." Peter's mouth just drops, he can't believe it. "What!?" he almost yells, "I can't believe you'd have me do all of this for nothing!"

Jesus looks at him and says, "but who did you carry the burden for?"

This story, as told by the pastor this weekend, leaves me with the greatest picture that I can think of for missions, both where many are saved as well as when everything is lost. All is still done for the glory of God.

I hope you lose your job. I hope everything you've worked to make comes to ruin. I hope you fall into a coma. If God finds you strong enough to draw closer to him through your suffering, I hope it happens to you.

Few are the workers.