Thursday, August 10, 2006

B.K. Dear Spanish Language...

...In one and a half months, I will be inside you.

And now for some of the more simple pleasures of life:

ºThere is no better bread in the world than that which you might have made for you in the mornings by an older Ecuadorian mother.

ºWearing shoes is over-rated. So is wearing jackets, and having hair, and not saying hello to strangers.

ºMountains are wonderful. Has anyone ever asked you that question of "would you rather live by the beach or on a mountain?" You should think about it, I myself don't know what I'd prefer at this point in time.

ºThe ardently intoxicating smell of warmth, much like the kind you get on your skin after lying in the sun for a little while.


I talked with a friend about volunteer opportunities while here in Ecuador. She said that she didn't want to get involved with some established organization like compassion international, but rather that she'd like to work with people that aren't provided for.

And then she told me about a woman that her host family knew about who lived just outside the city with no one to care for her. According to her, the woman has 7 children, two of which have been the result of being impregnated by police officers.