Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas VayKay is over...

...and here's what I did, pretty much entirely with my sister!
-Watched movies!
-Kung Fu panda
-The Tale of Despereauxeshds
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-Independence Day
-Robin Hood: Men in Tights

-Went to Virginia beach!

-Went running!
-In our new neighborhood
-At a park (injured my right instep, still hurting!)

-Made plans for a road trip this weekend!
-Lexington Park, MD . January 1st
-Turkey Neck Road, Western Maryland . January 2nd
-New York mfer! . January 3rd
-Philadelphia, PA . January 3-4
-Harrisburg, PA . January 5-6
-Pittsburg, PA . January 6
-SoCo, MD . January 7

-and after some fa-la-la-la-laing

-ORLANDO, FL . January 17
-Georgetown, D.C. . January 19
-The Lawn, D.C. . January 20 INAUGURATION!!!

-Made plans for a west coast plane trip towards the end of January!
-BRIAN DUFFIELD, California!

The sky's the limit, and so is my bank account! So hopefully conversion rates between the won and the dollar clear out in the next 3 days :)

What What!

So let's do this thing!