Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I love little kids in the most uncreepy way imaginable. I love being told I love you every day. I love the feeling of lighting a candle inside each of their little pulpy brains. I also love the unhealthy little rice cakes and sugary yogurt drinks that they hold up to me inbetween classes. One afternoon class in particular features some of my dearest loves. Rather than being a teacher I feel like more of a big brother. I'm lucky in that they've all taken a liking to me and constantly run up to during class just to give me a hug. The lessons get accomplished by the grace of God and all the while they seem to just absorb the information. It's perfect and I knock on wood to keep it the same.

What I'm still hoping to fall in love with are the parents of these as well as my trouble students. The ones that I'm curious as to how they handle their violent children at home. Until one week from now it's all left to speculation but it's nice to know that soon I'll have the answers about the kids that don't seem to understand that spitting on others is not a good thing in most societies.

Also, The Wiggles are amazing.