Monday, April 6, 2009

Homeless Ministries in Seoul.

Tomorrow is my first monthly parent-teacher conference. I've already been getting apologies from mothers about their unapologetic little toddlers. In terms of week 6 out of 52, it's still comfortable.

I've been talking with Jessica from Action and Passion about starting a homeless ministry at Seoul station. She'd like to start something that addresses the spiritual side while I'm all about gathering funds and doing handouts. Combined we have a idealistically hopeful outlook on our involvement with the homeless population of Seoul. I think the key is keeping it small and making contributions of a perishable nature so that no one gets jealous when supplies run out.

I gather that adults are a lot like kids, and the constant shouts of "me too, me too" are enough to prepare just about anyone for being inadequate. Another thing is that I read Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" to my kids today. I think 2 of them actually got the message, that was really rewarding for me. I imagine it'll be the same way if things work out and this whole thing starts, except instead of boogery little kids I'll get to work with boogery grown ups. The sweet thing is that I can't wait for either :)

...maybe it can be called something cute and cultivating, 'Pocket'?