Tuesday, October 10, 2006

B.K. The City of Guayaquil

-smells like poop-poo
-sells clothing for very cheap, kind of one of those "everything in this store has something wrong with it" deals.
-sells really good sandals for next to nothing
-has a pirate ship, WITH a hearty crew
-includes populous that will try to get you into their car so that they can take you for a ride through the city...or back alley-ways where you might get robbed (We salute your valiant attempt Wilmer!)
-has some REALLY good artists on the boardwalk
-has some REALLY trifling restaurant attends on the boardwalk when it comes to table space
-comes fully equipped with chicken empanadas
-reminds me profusely of the movie Bladerunner
-pales in comparison to the city of Cuenca
-held "la feria" on sunday, where you could go and buy all sorts of kitchen appliances for blowout prices. gnarly.
-had fiestas of independance yesterday...somewhere
-is not the solution to world hunger. We're still working on that one.

I have a very interesting discolored patch of skin on the left side of my chest. Maybe it will not kill me. More details inside specially marked packages of Trix cereal.