Tuesday, October 31, 2006

B.K. I'm going to Turtle Island!

darwin That's right, tomorrow morning at 7:00 I'm going to the 5 islands where Charles Darwin himself became famous because he landed on an island, found lots of animals and plants and started screaming "THEY'RE GROWING INSIDE ME!!!" Later he was quoted for evolution, or something like that. Anyways, in all honestly, I'm not that excited. Seriously, you should be lecturing me about how I am not taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity being given to me to go to a secluded natural reserve where I can stand at a foots distance away from a sea hawk without it killing me or flying away. I mean, there's a 300 year old turtle named Lonely George who's just waiting to die as the last of his species (Apparently there's like 13 species of sea turtle, who'd'a'thunk'it?). I sin against all biologists for my lack of interest in the islands, but you know, I'm sure things will be different when I get there. Shoot, there ARE penguins! They're not real penguins and they look more like puffins in my opinion, but I'm sure some scientist out there said "look, a penguin! Let's key it!" So that's something to look forward too I suppose. Who knows, I might even buy a turtle2t-shirt. For someone else.