Monday, June 25, 2007

B.K. The 17-top

For those of you that read the previous post, today began with me dropping a glass filled with coke in the kitchen. The first hour thereby proceeded angst-fully with me thinking that I was going to drop a bowl of gumbo or who knows what on an unfortunate customer. However I was lucky and didn't mess up a food delivery at all.

Yay competence.

Today was a really fun day. At the very end of it all I had the privledge to cater to both familial sides of a newly married couple. It was stressful because of all of the drinks and food and potential mistakes there-in with customized entre├ęs, but fun considering the fact that at the end of it all I could smile knowing that I had done something that I had never before known to be a difficult task. God bless the rest of the restaraunt world - servers, hosts, cooks, and bussers alike.

I also had my first repeat customers today. They came in a few days ago looking to pass the time with some drinks and appetizers; an older married couple and their married son with his wife. The older man was a happy guy who knew how to tease with a smile. His name was Don. Their table made me feel good in that sort of you-make-me-feel-worth-your-while sort of way and if I had the chance I would be a maid in their home.