Sunday, June 24, 2007

B.K. Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad

The other day I walked into a place called Speedie Pizza when the manager, Tony, asked me if I wanted a job delivering pizza. He said I would make a lot more money than I would working at Flo's and would love to give me a full-time position as the lead driver. In turn, with 24 hours notice of my decision I explained to him that I simply did not need the hours he was offering me. That night I made nothing in terms of tips, but here-in lies the saving grace of working for Debbie, Kelly, and Jen at Flo's Place.

Tonight I dropped a scallop salad with no onions and no tomatos on the legs of a young woman and her friends father - bleu cheese/cajun vinagrette dressing and all. If any of you have ever committed a royal faux-pau against a customer you'll know exactly how I felt the rest of the evening. Sure enough Kelly came up to me and explained that if I ever failed to use a tray stand when delivering food again I would be in hot water.

Later on this evening Kelly and I were playing around again, she explained to me that if it wasn't her telling me how I screwed things up it would be someone else. We smiled and life went on. Although I screwed up on the job I was still accepted by my boss, Debbie - the original owner, Flo's, daughter - even told me that she liked my attitude on the job; that's the sort of moral support that I've been looking for in a job. The only other place I've ever felt that was from a lady named Judy Klinedenst at Bath and Body works. They're the sort of socio-emotional managers that the world needs more of.

I'm kind of happy to have a good boss.
Knock on wood :)