Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Trip! Chapter 2: Don't sleep 'til..

So after cutting up a deer, Abbie and I decided to hit the road for New York. We did the entire trip in a straight 7 hours. As we entered Brooklyn we came across Abbie's new flat mate and hung out for about 2 hours. The great thing about meeting new people is that you gain new experiences while sharing your own perspectives. Afterwards we traveled to a dear friend of Abbie's and slept for the night. For myself, I was excited to get in and then get out of New York. After ordering THE BRKLYN pizza from Dominos and then enjoying authentic Venezuelan food the following morning, I decided that it's a terrible idea to gain 4 pounds over 21 hours. So after bidding adieu to Abbie I took my leave and headed towards Norristown, NJ. In the process I forgot to get a ticket on the New Jersey turnpike...so in the end I payed the full freight for the trip. Sweet sauce.

It's like hang man for grown-ups.

TD bank! Mine!

So, Abbie's friend's home was located in a building with it's own fallout shelter. How fantastic is that!?

Abbie takes it upon her kind heart to order our very own New York style pizza.

^^^Try and pronounce this one^^^

All in all, a wonderful trip. I think Abbie's really brave for sticking it out in New York and I know she'll do great :)

Things I learned on this part of the trip:
-It's a good idea to learn Spanish before you go, the guying leaving a parking spot open might be telling you anything from "park here or you'll get a ticket," to "take my spot and I'll kill you"
-Toll booth attendants can be incredibly forgiving (and apparently they also make $30 per hour)
-Buying $10 of gas with a $100 dollar bill is a pretty stupid thing to do when you aren't allowed to pump your own gas, and the person with the pump will be sure to let you know