Monday, January 19, 2009

Road Trip! Chapter 5: In the footsteps of the Wright Brothers while playing NBA Hangtime with Dave I got to thinking about how awesome it is to fly half-way across the court and do a slam dunk in the face of the computer controlled, and inferior, players. And that got me to thinking about flying...which led me to think about hummingbirds which eat that red nectar stuff which I think is sugar water, and hey sugar water is sweet, oh my gosh have you ever had that cinnibun-popcorn? I think it's made by Orville Redenbacher. Hey Orville that's a fun name, wait wasn't there a guy who invented the airplane named Orville? Yeah he had a brother too...holy crap they're from Ohio! Kristen lives in Ohio! Let's go there!

Sadly Dave was not able to accompany me, so after we beat 21 of the 29 NBA teams I brought myself to a standing position and gumby-slided my way out the door. 4 hours later I was on the doorstep of Kristen's house being smothered by affection. Not even a day passed until, all of a sudden, we were snowed in. The roads were thickly frosted, cars peeled out through all of the neighborhood, and children cried for their parents to let them go back to school (where it's warm). But did all of that keep Kristen and I indoors?

Heck no! We had ourselves a snowday!

Snow angels, cookies, Dances With Wolves, paraffin-appendage-waxing, you name it! Everything was wonderful because everything was done with my best friend.

I don't know too many people that are dedicated to having a balanced breakfast, but Kristen is by far at the top of that list. Every morning she would wake up and bust herself down to the kitchen in order to carb up for the day. I've never been in a home where the smell of food wakes you up, but being around Kristen at 8:00 in the morning really does show me what I've missed out on during my childhood. Man she's awesome.