Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Profile: Julie and Emily
Some of the pluses behind working with 6 year old girls include how they do whatever they can to A)Make you proud of them, B)Be cute, and C)Claim the role of "Princess Baby Heart." Here on field day, two such toddlers were available for framing.

On the left we have Julie who is quite possibly the best reader in the entire class. Julie only gets upset when she sees monsters or when the lights are off. One of my fondest memories with her is when, during Finding Nemo, the big creepy Angler fish appeared and she started bellowing out in fear. She crawled into my arms where I took her into the hallway. Other teacher's came and she eventually calmed down.

Sitting to her right is Emily. Emily, as I've been told, was incredibly shy before I arrived at school. I will probably never believe it. As one of the leading socialites of the class, Emily has developed the 'turn head to the side, cross arms and say 'hmph!'' routine. She is also an avid reader and a contender for the best writer award. One of my favorite moments with Emily happens on a daily basis where she wraps herself around my leg and shouts "Koala!" at me. The unhappy part of this is when the other kids join in and I fall down. Soft floors are sincerely unappreciated.