Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Captain's Log

Books to read:
Angels and Demons
A Tale of Two Cities
A Happy Death
Children of the Mind
The Shack

So yesterday was my first National Holiday off, EVER. How else could I spend it but to lie on the roof of my building soaking up the sun and then head to a far off district in order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Well the tanning worked out great, but when it came to Cinco de Mayo I found myself staring at a poor excuse for celebration...a bunch of foreigners sitting around a park drinking beer and dirty dancing to makeshift mariachi music. Let me focus on something more spectacular here. In the subway of Jongak, the same place of the festivities, I saw a soup kitchen in effect where lots of people were coming to be fed. When this scene unfolded it crossed my mind that the more we take the less we become...I'm constantly reminded that it's not about how much I have to show others, but how much I have to offer.

Thank you Sarah.