Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

My favorite thing about elementary/preschool children is that they don't know curse words. You can be stern with them whenever appropriate without them getting cross. You never have one writing "this class sucks" on their desks or saying "I hate that teacher" to other students.

Really, they're open to influence from just about anything and they buy everything you say without contest. Furthest from the good that this brings is the teaching that my childhood bullies received from their parents. How, for any number of reasons, they were taught to...I guess in so many words, sin. And that makes me upset because I think of how I could easily ruin one of these children's future by failing to tell them how to be outwardly kind and thankful.

Having someone to keep me accountable will be appreciated when I'm working with children. They share my mind and my actions, hopefully they'll pick up the good characteristics.