Tuesday, September 12, 2006

B.K. Dear World Traveler

When you leave the safe and sound prospects of your American borders, please be sure that you have contacted your bank about leaving the country, or else they might cancel your credit card. If this happens though, be sure to make friends with the bank tellers that you'll be encountering in your new home-abroad. You may also consider finding free events to entertain yourself with for the evening, such as Jazz concerts in the ancient part of the city, and be sure to stock up on street food; for the price of a cup of coffee (that you of course will never buy from starbucks), you can enjoy a heaping portion of papas fritas, meat, and all the pink/white sauce your tummy can handle! Just be sure to watch out for your new potential friends, dysentary and giardia.

Actually, street food is a slight addiction for me these days, but I don't think the Bible says anything about it...