Friday, September 15, 2006

B.K. Spanish Like Jazz

Every night this week there has been a Jazz concert happening in the old part of the city, and every night it gets better. But what's the thing that keeps me coming back? It's dirt free. Although, when I think about the drunks that get escourted away by the police during the breaks between songs I feel a little bit of myself frown. Because the drunk people who hang out in public around here are ever so friendly, and all they want is to dance and share your wine.

Unfortunately, la policia dice "no."

This weekend is the celebration of Mexico's independence, you should remember this to have a reason to party. Because everyone is always looking for a way to justify their actions :)


I officially miss pizza. I had a slice of it a couple of days ago and I got this big fat nostalgic slap in the face from this summer when my room mates...which was at least like 8 or 9 people would order from Papa John's and watch movies or play computer games or just hang out. that I think of it, I miss my ameri-friends. Damn you consumerist hunger!


I've been having a couple problems with my host mom, she's told me quite a few times in the past "your spanish is horrible," but then I guess that comes with the non-beat-around-the-bush communication tactics that I've been so comfortable with in the states. The program director was telling me the other day when I went to cry about it that once upon a time there was a girl who came to Ecuador on a previous program who weighed around 300 pounds. Well as luck would have it for her, she met a boy in Ecuador and they formed a relationship. He invited her to a dance, and as most women might say at these sort of junctions, she exclaimed "I need to get a dress!" (because honestly, who goes to Ecuador and takes a dress for a formal dance? Not me!). So in the process of getting said dress, she went to a tailor who ever so gracefully said to her "I'm not going to make you a dress! You're very fat!" Needless to say she was kind of pressed for the next few days. But a happy ending comes with how she finally did get something to wear and went to the dance with her boo!

The moral of the story: Although they sometimes use more words to get a point across, sometimes Ecuadorians can come off as a little mean.

Please add Nutella to the list of my current addictions, it's getting pretty serious.