Thursday, September 21, 2006

B.K. The rainy season is coming

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It made me sick for a little bit, but now I'm on the mend.

I was told that I would be in Ecuador while the rain was bountiful, but for the first seven weeks it was nowhere to be seen.
Quito was just a hot, sweaty city.

However as of about 3 days ago, the rain started to fall. And although I have never been a fan of apartment life, there's just nothing better than a cup of tea, a rainstorm, and the breeze that it sends to cascade over your face through the window.

I kind of want to live in Ecuador forever when it rains, and I kind of want you all to be here too.

In other news I was almost assaulted yesterday by three men. Fortunately, my humongous stature terrified them when I puffed myself up like a blowfish. Being a sea creature rocks.