Tuesday, September 19, 2006

B.K. The Word of the Day is: Locura

Actually the word of the day should be Pubes rather than Locura...but then here comes the sitch:

This morning in theatre class our teacher was continuing to teach us how to 'lose ourselves' and 'stop thinking about what we're doing.' To do this he asked for volunteers to go up in front of the rest of the group and begin doing the first thing that came into their minds when he said any given word. I was a little scared of having to say "no entiendo la palabra," so I decided to sit this one out. Others went and were asked to act out words, things like inquieto, estupidez, carino, and locura (which is something I gather to mean really really crazy). When people were asked to respond to locura, one started to run around the stage, flailing their arms, laughing hysterically, dodging in and out of curtains. Another began to have a tea party with a non-existent entity. Our teacher however was not content with their acting methods. So he stood up in front of the class and started to explain what he was wanting us to do.

Over the past few classes we have been learning about sensory memory and how we have the inherint potential to suddenly become another person based on the memories and emotions evoked from a particular way our body may be positioned. Any-hoo the teacher, who I like to call Wolfy to my non-him friends, was explaining about how the hardest thing for an actor to do is snap into a character and then personify their personality at the drop of a pin.

He then went on with, "so when I say locura..." at which he began to scream at us from a crouched position, like a madman would then do I suppose, he continued shouting incoherent phrases, lashing his tongue about, all the while approaching us. He then gestured towards his crotch with both of his hands and began to pull down his pants while standing in front of a female student.

Although no penis was seen at this occasion, a good 'ol handful of pubes did make a special appearance. He then pulled up his pants, and began to back away while spitting at her, as good a stage-spit as anyone could ever give.

It was kind of admirable really, I mean, in the states and at Messiah College, a man would get fired for that kind of behavior. I myself wouldn't want Wolfy to ever lose his job, the man is amazing and has such balls to be able to do that kind of thing. He's been in a ton of movies and plays and has undergone a butt-load of martial arts training. Here is a picture of him that I found online that featured him in a movie translated as "Ayahuasca Dreams."

Kind of sweet, no?